Former NFL wide receiver JJ Birden has a new book coming out entitled, “When Opportunity Knocks 8 Sure Fire Ways to Take Advantage.” Make sure you go buy your own copy as JJ will be autographing pre-orders!


Here is JJ with more on his new book.

 JJ has also made videos previewing the first two chapters of his new book

Here is JJ’s preview for Chapter 1 “What’s Your Passion?”

Here is JJ’s preview for Chapter 2 “Whatever it Takes”

Here is JJ’s Preview for Chapter 3: “Dream, Reach, Seize, Achieve”

Here is JJ’s Preview for Chapter 4: “Working hard in the RIGHT direction” 

Here is JJ’s Preview for Chapter 5: “Tap into the Reservoir of Experience”

Here is an interview we recently did with JJ talking about his new book.

Remember to BUY JJ’s BOOK HERE

You can also connect with JJ

Website –

Twitter – @jjbirden

Twitter – @JJBirdenSpeaks

Facebook –

 JJ is also a part of the Isagenix team where he says, “Being healthy and fit is not a fad, it’s a lifestyle.” To learn more about Isagenix go to:

Isagenix Page –

Website –

Twitter – @TeamX88

signed copy jj

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  1. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story. When you are 5’10 157 and are told your too small but then go on to play 9 years in the NFL, you have a story to tell with many lessons to help others achieve what’s important to them.

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