Saved by Nostalgia

The Saved By Nostalgia Podcast is hosted by Clint Switzer and Noah Gronniger, two life-long film and entertainment junkies who have been working in sports and entertainment for almost a decade now. It all started with a few interviews and soon, the duo were out to conquer the world of sports and entertainment media with blogs, interviews, podcasts and videos. 

By the Spring of 2019, they decided that the time was right to delve even deeper into the movies, television and pop culture that enthralled them as children and, thus, Saved by Nostalgia was officially launched with the hope of providing fresh content and frequent podcasts based off retro entertainment from the 80’s, 90’s. So grab your Ghostbuster proton back and hop in our Flux Capacitor because we are taking you back to the wonder years.¬†

Listen to the Saved By Nostalgia Podcast Below