Another week and another segment of “Undisputed” host Skip Bayless hating on Patrick Mahomes. It’s a gimmick so overused that it has to be fake at this point but Skip doubled down on today’s show when discussing Patrick Mahomes vs. Jalen Hurts for NFL MVP.

Despite Philadelphia’s loss to Washington on Monday night, Skip is adamant that Hurts is the better quarterback and should be voted NFL MVP.

” (Mahomes) has cost his team two games.” Bayless argued. “Jalen has cost his team no games. Jalen is the whole show.”

As usual, Shannon Sharpe fired back to defend Patrick Mahomes. “Can you not see that Mahomes is a better quarterback?” Sharpe stated. “Hurts can’t hold a candle to Mahomes!”

Watch Skip and Shannon argue over Mahomes vs. Hurts for MVP

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