As Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes continues his dizzying rise to the top of the sports world, his group Patrick Mahomes Fans By GASN Sports is now the third largest NFL group on all of Facebook.

While it’s clear that Mahomes transcends both the Kansas City Chiefs and even football itself, this is a staggering accomplishment. The Patrick Mahomes Fans group currently has 142.2 thousand members and is growing at a rate of over a hundred per day. By comparison, Lebron James’ flagship group Lebron James Nation has 222 thousand members and follows a player that has been playing professionally for 18 years.

The Patrick Mahomes Fans (By GASN Sports) group was started by life-long Chiefs fans and sports media personalities Noah Gronniger and Clint Switzer not long after Mahomes was drafted #10 overall back in 2017.

We really believed that Mahomes would become a superstar and we wanted to provide a place where fans could keep up with news, read articles and be up to date on all things Patrick.” Co-founder Noah Gronniger stated.

The group currently has Mahomes’ agent, Leigh Steinberg as a moderator and former Chiefs greats like Christian Okoye and J.J. Birden are heavily involved as well as members of Mahomes’ immediate family.

Top 5 NFL groups on Facebook

Dallas Cowboys Fans245,000 Members
Bills Mafia220,000 Members
Patrick Mahomes Fans142,000 Members
49ers Fans For Life116,000 Members
SteelersNation/ Yes We Are Steelers Nation113,000/ 101,000

Astonishingly, another group dubbed The Official Fan Page of Patrick Mahomes currently has 96,000 members although is not closely affiliated with Mahomes in any way. The Patrick Mahomes Fans By GASN Sports group has members from all over the world and 58% percent of its members are female.

Notable athlete-related Facebook groups

Lebron James222,000 Members
Tom Brady G.O.A.T. 98,000 Members
Tiger Woods Fans34,000 Members
Michael Jordan Fans120,000 Members
Christiano Ronaldo Juventus547,000 Members
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  1. Hey Patrick Mahomes I wanted to say that u did a great job in the super bowl congrats i know you didn’t win but you can always come back next year and make it the greatest team!!

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