Have you ever dreamed of hosting your own sports show? The Great American Sports Network is looking for self motivated individuals with a passion for sports to participate in our ‘host your own sports show” contest, with the winner(s) taking home $50 in prize money as well as an opportunity to have your podcast or video sports show hosted by our site for cash!

Show us what you can do by recording a brief podcast (audio) or video talking about your favorite sports team or topics and submit your recordings to us at greatamericansportsnetwork@gmail.com. Our website has played host to several online sports ventures over the past year and it is very important to us to continue to grow our brand by adding motivated individuals who are looking for an avenue to display their sports talent.  Want to do your show as a team with a friend? Even better! We encourage both individuals as well as teams to participate!

Remember, your show can be about any topic or team that you choose and your videos/podcasts will be publicized all over the internet. Need help getting guests for your show? We can help with that too as it is very important to us here at the Great American Sports Network to bring the best possible sports content to our viewers.

Writing Opportunities

In addition to our need for sports programming, we are also looking for individuals who are interested in writing four our site. You have the opportunity to earn money writing about your favorite sports team, so be sure to send inquires to greatamericansportsnetwork@gmail.com





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