When people say things like “The NFL is a sports monopoly” you can point to almost any measurable metric to make this point. Whether it be live attendance, merchandise sales or television viewers, the NFL is certainly at the mountaintop of the American sports lexicon. The Chiefs and Jaguars delivered a borderline unfathomable number for NBC/Peacock on Saturday as 34 million viewers tuned in.

By comparison, the Bills/Chiefs divisional playoff game last year had almost 43 million viewers on prime time on a Sunday night and was the second most watched television program that aired in the U.S. in 2022 behind the Super Bowl.

Chiefs/Jaguars bring in 34 million viewers

Just to hammer home the NFL’s dominance, television’s #1 rated show, Yellowstone, had 10 million viewers for its season 5 premiere. Bills/Bengals on Sunday averaged 38.9 million viewers with Cowboys/49ers bringing in similar numbers to Chiefs/Jags.

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