Certainly the most anticipated international game of the year will include the Chiefs playing the Miami Dolphins in Frankfurt, Germany on November 5th. Former Chiefs star Tyreek Hill will play his former team for the first time since being traded to Miami back in early 2022. Hill had previously talked a little trash to his former team about how he was planning on being the Chiefs “worst nightmare” when he comes to Arrowhead.

Well the game may not be in Arrowhead but Hill is still pretty confident about what will happen, even joking on his podcast, It Need to be Said, that Andy Reid must have called Roger Goddell and telling him that “we can’t have the cheetah stepping back onto this field cause it’s going to be a long day for us.

Tyreek Hill on playing KC in Germany on It Needed to Be Said

Tyreek’s prediction for the game was a predictable “Fins up, let’s get it man!”

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