The Kansas State Wildcats have punched their ticket to the Sweet 16 after an impressive 75-69 victory over Kentucky. After trailing by one with just over two minutes to go, Jerome Tang’s Wildcats finished the game strong an ran away from Kentucky to reach the NCAA Tournament’s second weekend for the first time since 2018. K-Stat were able to execute a successful inbounds play late in the game that Tang says was partly stolen from his days at Baylor but also was inspired by…Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes of course!

We like stole it from someone else. We actually call it Mahomes for Patrick Mahomes.

Jerome Tang after K-State beats Kentucky 75-69

Jerome Tang says inbounds play was inspired by Mahomes

After Tang’s postgame comments were posted to Twitter on Sunday evening, Mahomes even retweeted the video, making this a moment that will live on in Kansas State basketball lore for years to come.

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