New Mizzou basketball coach Dennis Gates has only been on the job for 26 days yet he’s already completely turned over the team’s roster. From the top of the JUCO ranks (Sean East, Mohamed Diarra) to keeping a local 4-star on board (Aidan Shaw), it’s safe to say Gates has made an immediate impact on recruiting.

In addition, Gates has had two former players follow him to Mizzou from his former place of employment at Cleveland State in Tre Gomillion and D’Moi Hodge.

Gomillion played at Cleveland State for three years and started 90 games for the Vikings. He has a reputation as a versatile, do-it-all type of player and he’s ready to go to work at Mizzou.

Gomillion details commitment to Mizzou

Starcade: At Cleveland State you were a versatile, do everything type of guard. What do you feel is the biggest strength in your game?

Gomillion: I feel my biggest strength is the ability to do a bunch of things on the court, offensively and defensively. I feel I am a jack of all trades. I am a leader, and I have the ability to connect with my teammates on the court and off the court as well.

Starcade: You played for coach gates for 3 years at Cleveland State, Tell Missouri fans what kind of a person and what kind of a coach Dennis is.

Gomillion: He is a great coach. He is strategic, great with Xs and Os, he knows how to in game adjust, great out of timeouts. He lets his players play comfortably and with their instincts and cares about his players more than just basketball.

Starcade: Coming out of Augusta, GA, did you Ever believe you would finish your career as a power 5 player? Is this a bit of a dream come true for you?

Gomillion: I always used to dream of this, and I knew I could play on this level, just due to my story and path, I had to take the long route, and everything happens when it is supposed to I truly believe. It is a dream come true yes but I am not satisfied with just being here, I want to win at this level.

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Starcade: Obviously coach Gates was able to turn around the Cleveland state program in short order and you achieved a lot of success, Do you feel like he can do the same at Missouri?

Gomillion: I do. At Cleveland state he was able to amazing things with amazing people, without the guys and great people at Cleveland state it wouldn’t have been possible for him. Same goes for here with the great tradition and leadership with the president and AD. I honestly do feel he will do the same here.

Starcade: Have you been in touch with other recruits? Do you feel like there is still a long way to go with this roster?

Gomillion: I have been in contact with them, they are great guys, we all are talking and are easy to get along with, I don’t feel there is a long way to go with this roster because we will put the work in on the court and build that bond on and off the court as well.

Starcade: How do you feel about playing basketball in the SEC? You’re from an SEC state and now get to play games in that area next season.

Gomillion: I am ready, I cannot wait to play with the rest of the guys to represent MIZZOU in the SEC.

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