Following the Chiefs loss to the upstart Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, the narrative quickly turned to incompetent officiating as the Bengals were able to run over 6 minutes off the clock and kick a game-winning field goal as a result of a 4th down penalty in the end zone. Patrick Mahomes never got a chance to lead the team down the field which was, perhaps, the biggest shame of all.

Mahomes takes the high road when asked about the officiating

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid refused to comment after the game Sunday citing he did not with to get fined for discussing the officiating. Bengals QB Joe Burrow said multiple times that his team “got some calls” and it was later revealed that the crew designated to call the game was discombobulated and 4 substitutions occurred including the lead official or “white hat.”

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10 thoughts on “Patrick Mahomes breaks silence on officiating in Bengals game”
  1. I agree that we can’t put the #BLAME of the loss on the refs, however, hopefully there is some type of #REVIEWPROCESS of the #NFLREFS because, especially over the past few years, as rules and “review” protocols have changed, it’s not unrealistic to feel that at some point an #NFLREF may overreach or even play favorites (to a point) to one team or another. We have all watched lousy or “questionable” calls from a variety of #NFLREFS over the past few years specifically. #GRADETHENFLREFS They are human and it’s impossible to be impartial all the time, even though that is their job.

  2. This young man sure did take the high road. What would it change if he just blew up and cussed and fussed about it? Nothing!!! I love his attitude. But I also love it that his wife sure had words about the refs!!! 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. If they dont do something about this crap im going to quit watching football all together the officials are stupid with all this. Start fining the hell out of them and watch the difference are do whatever ill quti watching love my chiefs but enough is enough and this is it

  4. I watch the game till the third quarter,Turn it off because the official determined who was going to the win the game,Every year it seems something happens with the NFL,Last year the players taking a knee,For years ago cloth falling apart and showing body parts.NFL needs to have better management it’s getting ridiculous,I don’t want to watch Pro-Football!

  5. There were some questionable calls, but I do not suspect the refs honesty or integrity.
    However I do blame them for the calling penalties that take the outcome away from the players on the field.

  6. I agree that refs should be penalized financially if they make a blatant bad call! They receive good pay and should know they will be fined if they make poor calls like they made during the Bengals/Chiefs game. It was hard to watch!

  7. The refs enjoy throwing flags for questionable penalties and most definitely questionable taunting! So for every happy flagged tossed we should determine weather legit or HORRIBLE and them the refs should be accountable and fined as well!!

  8. Infractions away from the play not changing the outcome of the play, are not relevant to the game, unless it’s a personal foul. There is no “holding” on a touchback kick-off. Perfect example. Didn’t affect the play. Defensive holding on a wide receiver down field on a running play shouldn’t be called. Holding needs to be relevant to the play or it’s just a way to slow the game down. Pass Interference needs to be “no doubt” not subtle. How about a QB throw to an OPEN receiver not a covered receiver, and the defensive play needs to be “ALLOWED” TO HAVE equal access to the ball…which is in the rule book but not observed by the Refs. Seems like if you bump into a receiver trying to get the ball, then that receiver wasn’t OPEN, and it’s their HANDS and ARMS that need to be interfered with, in order for there to be a legitimate penalty.

  9. This officiating was done on purpose to keep Patrick Mahomes and Crew from beating and embarrassing the next “Great White Hope”. Its all what it pretty much boils down to. Nearly every sports caster before every Chiefs game has something disparaging to say about Patrick Mahomes but fawn over whomever their opponent will be. OMG the blatant racism is sickening some times. But the NFL is the “good ole boys” Elite club. How many minority owners are there of NFL teams.

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