Norm Macdonald was just 61 years old and passed away after a private battle with cancer. Growing up in the 90’s brought so many new experiences and joys to my childhood that have me so thankful I grew up at that specific time in history. We all remember the Nintendo Entertainment System coming out and our first computer. However, I will assuredly never forget the first comedy special I saw! It was called One Night Stand and on the stage that night was Norm Macdonald. To this day, I proclaim that the best comedy special I have ever seen. The jokes were unlike anything I had ever heard and his delivery was just as unique.

I was busting a gut listening to stories of getting someone a gift of a lottery ticket and the horrors of it being a winner. How about being in the backseat is like being in another world and a lonely one at that. Oh, and the coup de grâce about the man who killed his family because Satan told him to, but what if Satan took off his mask and said, “Hey, it’s me Bob!” Each joke was more funny than the last and I knew I had just become a fan for life. I’d scour television, then the internet, and more recently Netflix for anything with Norm Macdonald a part of it as I knew I’d be in for one hilarious ride.

Norm’s One Night Stand Special in Full

Norm was the comedian’s comedian in that he could make all of them laugh, but he’s just simply put everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to comedians. That’s saying a lot because so many people are hot or cold and have very strong opinions for or against certain comedians. However, Norm for the overwhelming majority is one of, if not the funniest comedians to ever do it. He also had a gentle heart as you can see in this clip below of his last performance on David Letterman. Norm gets emotional at the end saying how much David has meant to him and that he’ll miss coming to see him on late night.

Norm’s Last Stand Up on David Letterman

Canada’s Next Great Hope, Jacque DeGautier or DeGautino… we still aren’t sure!

Norm’s Wife is a Real Battle-Axe

Norm’s Moth Joke

The Best Talk Show Moment in History… Thanks to Norm Macdonald

We love you Norm and you enriched all our lives so although you are gone you’ll never be forgotten!

May flights of angels sing thee to thy sleep, sweet prince.

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By Noah Gronniger

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