Well Chiefs Kingdom, do you accept Tyrann’s apology and believe that he’s all in with us here in Kansas City?


Tyrann’s Apology

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6 thoughts on “Mathieu issues apology for toxic fanbase remarks. Do you accept it?”
  1. Tyrann, you are my #1 guy on the team. Hold your head high and continue to be the BEST CHIEF you can be. Ignore the haters, remember they can’t do what you do.

  2. It’s understandable that he & many others on the team feel frustrated and need to vent. True K.C fans stand behind this team, coaching staff & organization.

    Take a deep breath, guys. We’re not going anywhere & we’ve got your back. Ignore the bandwagoneers!!

  3. Who among us would not get frustrated when you’re constantly bombarded with idiotic statements calling for the firing and benching of some of the best players in the game? These haters couldn’t begin to do their job but they are certainly Hall of Famers from their recliners.

  4. Stay true TM us loyal fans have your back. It’s ok ok to vent frustration you guys keep working and it will come together. Been a CHIEFS fan since they were brought here from Dallas. Love my CHIEFS.

  5. Keep your head held high! The true die hard fans know your heart is in K.C. There will always be the haters, just smile at them and keep doing your best!!

  6. I think the fair weather fans need to leave town, I’m a ride or die chiefs fan I bleed red and gold. we are all frustrated. We are going to be all right we have future Hall of Famers on this team . So to you haters out there be all in or get the f~### out of KC

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