If the desired effect of Tyreek Hill’s recent podcast “It Needed to Be Said,” was to get people talking and gain viewership then mission:accomplished. While many people (including Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes) have commented on Hill’s initial podcast episode, many have been critical with regards to some of the content laid forth by Hill.

“As far as accuracy-wise, I’m going with Tua all day,” Hill said during the show. “I want [the ball] to be right in the bread basket, just like I did in the Buffalo Bills game and take it 70, and the rest is history.”

While individuals like Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharp have heaped criticism on Hill for comments such as these, former ESPN analyst and Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl champion Ryan Clark took it a step further.

“Bruh!! @cheetah know he out here lying on his podcast. I feel him though. Everyone is talking about the podcast and I’m sure Tua feels good about it… but he doesn’t mean any of that stuff he said about KC or Pat.”

Hill, taking exception to Clark’s comments decided to clap back at the former Steeler on Twitter.

The goal for Tyreek Hill, clearly, has been to get people talking and to gain notoriety for his podcast. Nothing more. At a June 5th football camp in Overland Park, Hill claimed that he wanted to get people’s “panty’s in a wad” with the show and that the Chiefs would never have allowed him to be a part of a podcast like this.

Tyreek Hill recent interview with Starcade/KC media

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