The AFC has become the beacon for young, elite quarterbacks in the NFL. Many believe we are on the cusp of an unprecedented era of quarterback greatness for the next decade

As you’ll see, the top half of the AFC is absolutely loaded with talent. You can, obviously, except many things to change on this list prior to the 2022 season kicking off (such as Mason Rudolph quarterbacking the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ranking the AFC quarterbacks heading in to 2022

  1. Patrick Mahomes. The accolades speak for themselves and there is not another QB in the AFC that boasts a Super Bowl ring (aside from Joe Flacco).
  2. Josh Allen. The writing is on the wall here and Allen is clearly on the cusp of football immortality.
  3. Joe Burrow. Came within an eyelash of a Super Bowl in year two. Now, the hard work begins.
  4. Russell Wilson. Comes with a winning pedigree and still in the prime of his career.
  5. Justin Herbert. I’ll “see it when I believe it” with Herbert. His Chargers haven’t made the playoffs since he took over in 2020 but they will, assuredly, be the sexy pick in the AFC West this year.
  6. Lamar Jackson. A running back that takes snaps behind center. Injuries caught up with him in 2021 but has won an impressive 75% of his regular season games.
  7. Derek Carr. Good enough to put up decent numbers and capable of getting his team to the playoffs? Sure. Are we going to be winning any Super Bowls? Absolutely not.
  8. Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill has always been a bit of an enigma. The Titans have a solid roster with a monster running game but it’s hard to imagine him ever hoisting a Lombardi.
  9. Mac Jones. Perhaps I’m underselling Jones here but that “rookie wall” he hit last year was real.
  10. Jacoby Brissett/Deshaun Watson. Don’t get too shocked by the Browns are involved in a mess. Currently, Watson has a 6-game suspension but we all know how this situation will end in Cleveland. Matt Ryan. The Colts are just throwing darts at a map and hoping for a Matthew Stafford to L.A. type of ending. It’s not happening.
  11. Tua Tagovailoa. Tua is overachieving a bit in Miami and now has Tua. Let’s see how this plays out.
  12. Trevor Lawrence. He’s free from Urban Meyer but the Jags are eons away from competing atop the AFC.
  13. David Mills. Is not Deshaun Watson but Lovie Smith believes this is his guy going forward. 5-12.
  14. Zach Wilson. Is analysis really necessary here? Did anyone watch the Jets actually play last year?
  15. Mason Rudolph. Likely won’t be under center for Pittsburgh but Wikipedia tells me he is their current starter.

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