Kansas City Chiefs head coach Marty Schottenheimer and his quarterback Joe Montana were both winless in Mile High Stadium as they stood at a combined 0-10 inside those unfriendly confines. John Elway had been a thorn in the Chiefs side for years by posting 6 game winning drives against the division rival (1 in each of the last 5 years). It wouldn’t be an easy feat for the Chiefs to overcome with a raucous Monday Night Football crowd, defensive tackle Dan Saleaumua out with a sprained knee, and Derrick Thomas being benched for the start of the game for being an hour late to a team meeting earlier in the week.  However, this would prove to be night that Chiefs fans wouldn’t soon forget as all appeared to be lost after a late John Elway scramble for the go-ahead touchdown, but never count out Joe Montana. Joe showed the world that he didn’t leave the “Montana Magic” in San Francisco and he had plenty left to give to the Kansas City Chiefs. Joe Montana went under center with 0:13 left in the game and found Willie Davis in the corner of the end zone to win 31-28 and end his and Marty Schotteneheimer’s winless streak at Mile High Stadium. 

Beginning of the game – 1st half


 IMG_20150522_234254 IMG_20150522_234422




IMG_20150522_234758 IMG_20150522_235134 IMG_20150522_235308




IMG_20150523_000103 IMG_20150523_000440 IMG_20150523_000753




IMG_20150523_000959 IMG_20150523_001556 IMG_20150523_001804




IMG_20150523_002346 IMG_20150523_003224 IMG_20150523_004846




IMG_20150523_014306 IMG_20150523_014425 IMG_20150523_014504




Joe is pumped after searching through his options and finding JJ Birden streaking wide open in the back of the end-zone for a touchdown.

IMG_20150523_014719 IMG_20150523_014859







IMG_20150523_015217  IMG_20150523_015721IMG_20150523_015400




Louie Aguiar throwing Joe Montana off the field as they scramble to get a quick field goal attempt.
Louie Aguiar throwing Joe Montana off the field as they scramble to get a quick field goal attempt.












Marty and Joe talking and frustrated after messing up that late field goal attempt before halftime.

IMG_20150523_124050 IMG_20150523_124529







Start of the 2nd half

IMG_20150523_124614 IMG_20150523_125050 IMG_20150523_125235




JJ Birden tried to take out his own teammate Marcus Allen before the first down, but Marcus would not be denied. Actually, JJ just ran into Marcus on accident trying to help block for him.

IMG_20150523_125734 IMG_20150523_125931








Looks like JJ ran a 5 yard out and Willie Davis ran a 10 yard out. Luckily the ball whizzed pass JJ’s fingertips and Willie caught the ball for a first down!

IMG_20150523_015826 IMG_20150523_130411









IMG_20150523_130605 IMG_20150523_131014






IMG_20150523_131148 IMG_20150523_131452 IMG_20150523_132114




IMG_20150523_132412 IMG_20150523_132541 IMG_20150523_132621




Jim Fassel sighting
Jim Fassel sighting

IMG_20150523_132849 IMG_20150523_133136






IMG_20150523_133624 IMG_20150523_133442 IMG_20150523_133509




IMG_20150523_133804 IMG_20150523_134142 IMG_20150523_134504




IMG_20150523_134402 IMG_20150523_134732 IMG_20150523_134815




IMG_20150523_134904 IMG_20150523_134926 IMG_20150523_135004




IMG_20150523_135109 IMG_20150523_135416 IMG_20150523_135453




IMG_20150523_135524 IMG_20150523_135611 IMG_20150523_140008




Glyn Milburn muffed the Louie Aguiar punt and Greg Manusky recovered for the Chiefs.

IMG_20150523_135636 IMG_20150523_135742







IMG_20150523_140138 IMG_20150523_140238 IMG_20150523_140443




IMG_20150523_140750 IMG_20150523_140907 IMG_20150523_141031




IMG_20150523_141141 IMG_20150523_141321 IMG_20150523_141601




IMG_20150523_141717 IMG_20150523_141841 IMG_20150523_141939




IMG_20150523_142028 IMG_20150523_142052 IMG_20150523_142117




IMG_20150523_142241 IMG_20150523_142324 IMG_20150523_142436




IMG_20150523_142455 IMG_20150523_142628 IMG_20150523_142639




IMG_20150523_142708 IMG_20150523_143011 IMG_20150523_143124




After the Chiefs recovered the Shannon Sharpe fumble; Marcus Allen fumbled it right back to the Broncos.

IMG_20150523_143450 IMG_20150523_143721







Earlier in the 1994 season the Broncos had two 4th quarter failures against the Chargers and in this picture against the Buffalo Bills.

IMG_20150523_144000 IMG_20150523_144139







Mark Collins pleading his case that Broncos WR Cedric Tillman had stepped out of the end zone and isn’t eligible to come back in and score.

IMG_20150523_144355 IMG_20150523_144417







Broncos WR Cedric Tillman stepped out of bounds which made him an ineligible receiver. Therefore, the toucdown was reversed.
Broncos WR Cedric Tillman stepped out of bounds which made him an ineligible receiver. Therefore, the toucdown was reversed.














IMG_20150523_144700 IMG_20150523_144719 IMG_20150523_144744




The confusion of the Broncos only having 10 men on the field allowed an easy go-ahead touchdown for the Broncos to put them up 28-24 late in the game.

IMG_20150523_145050 IMG_20150523_145117








Broncos only had 10 men on the field, but Wade is saying they had 7 on the line of scrimmage so it's a legal play and a touchdown.
Broncos only had 10 men on the field, but Wade is saying they had 7 on the line of scrimmage so it’s a legal play and a touchdown.
Marty is pleading for an illegal formation!
Marty is pleading for an illegal formation!









It is a legal play and the touchdown stands. Denver has taken a late lead.

IMG_20150523_145401 IMG_20150523_145527







IMG_20150523_144947 IMG_20150523_145632 IMG_20150523_145616





Denver 28 Kansas City 24 – 4th Quarter 1:08 remaining

IMG_20150523_145827   IMG_20150523_145853





IMG_20150523_150030 IMG_20150523_150103 IMG_20150523_150217




IMG_20150523_150243 IMG_20150523_150325






Montana Magic

IMG_20150523_150639 IMG_20150523_150700





IMG_20150523_150738 IMG_20150523_151007 IMG_20150523_150837




IMG_20150523_150521 IMG_20150523_150610 IMG_20150523_151249




Vaughn Booker with the last second fumble recovery to officially end the game! Marty Schottenheimer and Joe Montana end their streak of being winless at Mile High Stadium and this game goes down in Monday Night Football lore.














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