Mizzou football landed its 11th commitment for the class of 2021 when Cocoa, FL corner Zxaequan Reeves took to Twitter to announce his college decision on Friday.

GASN Sports‘ conversation with Zxaequan Reeves

Talk about your relationship with coach Drinkwitz and this Mizzou coaching staff

My relationship with Coach Drinkwitz and the Mizzou staff is pretty solid. They all made it clear that i’m a priority to them which made this choice even more easier to me. I always have good talk with the Mizzou coaching staff.

What has the recruiting process been like during covid-19 where most communication has to take place through virtual sessions?

This process has been totally different from how I thought it was going to go but coach Drinkwitz, coach Walters, coach Gibbs, and the whole Mizzou staff made the best of it. The set up a great virtual tour and they also held a zoom meeting where commits and recruits got to introduce each other and I really enjoyed that.

Being from Florida, is it to you to play football in the SEC?

is very important to me to play in the SEC because I know every week i’ll be playing against the best which will make me compete and become the best player that I can.

Rivals currently has not given you any stars, do you use that as motivation going into your senior year?

I never cared about stars because stars don’t make me so It doesn’t bother me not having any stars on different websites. Stars never helped me do my job and lock up receivers. I just use my loved ones and myself as motivation.

Why do you feel like Missouri was the right fit for you? The weather gets a little cool here in the winter, just a heads up!

I feel like Mizzou is a good fit for me because they have a solid coaching staff and also 3 great defensive back coaches that not only know the game but played the game themselves and I know that they can coach me up and make me a better football player and person.

I’m not too much worried about the weather to be honest. I’ll get through it. You have to get through something in life to get where you want and i’m willing to deal with the cold weather.

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