It has been a most prolific offseason for Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. From hosting SNL to Super Bowl parades to the NFL Draft and even his own music festival, Kelce has remained in the limelight. With Kelce’s star power at its zenith, could it even be possible to see Travis step in the wrestling ring for the WWE? It appears Travis has spoken with WWE superstar The Miz about this very possibility after seeing fellow tight end and WWE fanatic George Kittle get involved in a match at WrestleMania 39 in L.A.

While Kelce is going to have to think on a potential tag team name for he and Kittle, he did reveal what sounds most appealing about being a part of the WWE.

“My dream scenario: off the top ropes, putting someone through a table,” Kelce said. “That’s always been my favorite.”

Watch Travis Kelce discuss possible WWE involvement

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