Actor/musician Billy Bob Thornton is widely known as an avid sports fan that rarely misses his beloved St. Louis Cardinals in action, even while touring with this band The Boxmasters.

In a recent interview with On the Road to Rock With Clint Switzer (presented by Starcade Media), Billy Bob Thornton and J.D. Andrew spoke about a myriad of topics including their latest album “Help Me I’m Alive” as well as Thornton’s sports fandom.

“Everybody where I grew up was a Dallas Cowboy fan.” Thornton explained. “I really liked the Colts because of Johnny Unitas. When they moved to Indianapolis I remained a Colts fan.

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Thornton then went on the praise the Kansas City Chiefs by saying “Boy I tell you what ,the Chiefs have got so much talent on that team and Mahomes is a magician.”

The Boxmasters are on tour now and dates can be found at

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