In the SEC it just means more, so each one of these fanbases has their own unique tradition and style. However, this is the SEC and no participation trophies will be handed out. Someone must be crowned the champion, as usual, and someone has to bring up the rear. Keep in mind that even if your school is low on this list; they’d still be near the top if not #1 in any other conference! The SEC is a gauntlet and not just on the field, but in the stands as the teams and fans alike fight for superiority!

14. Vanderbilt

Hey dad, where’s the rest of the fans? Are we here early? No, this it son. And I’m sorry for making you a Vanderbilt fan. I just hope that one day you will forgive me. Now, LET’S GO COMMODORES!!!!

13. Kentucky

Kentucky is starting to make improvements on the field, but the fan base needs to up its game to match that! We know you love your basketball, but Mark Stoops needs a more raucous environment Wildcat fans! This may seem like a harsh ranking, but the SEC is an unforgiving wave of powerhouse programs and fandom!

12. Missouri

Remember that this is a list of SEC fanbases! The competition is just as brutal for on-field supremacy as it is for supremacy in the stands. If you’d like to be ranked higher I’d advise going back to the BIG XII or whatever they’re calling that thing that’s in shambles now.

11. Mississippi State

The cowbell may be annoying to the visiting team and their fans, but the home fans bring the noise with those! Every fan inside Davis Wade Stadium is weilding a cowbell and ready to make it heard, unrelentingly!

10. South Carolina

One of the more underrated fanbases in the country can be found in Columbia, South Carolina! The Gamecock fans haven’t had a ton to cheer for, but they are passionate and energetic to say the least!

9. Ole Miss

The Grove, a ten-acre tent city, has to be the best tailgating in the country! The ladies in sun dresses, the gents in bowties and the candelabras adorned inside the tents is a sight to see! Lane Kiffin is bringing back some excitement inside Vaught Hemingway Stadium and this fanbase may be shooting up this list very soon!

8. Florida

The orange and blue clad Gators fanbase packs the swamp ready to chomp their opponents to pieces! Under Dan Mullen they had some disappointing finishes, but this fanbase cannot be denied. Unfortunately, Florida plays in the SEC where almost all the fanbases are worthy. Sorry Vanderbilt, you’re the reason we can’t say all the fanbases are worthy!

7. Alabama

Let the controversy begin! Maybe it takes something out of you to win all the time. Alabama fans see their team at or near the top of every other list so this is fair, right? Expecting to win and being hungry to win are two different things, especially for fanbases!

6. Auburn

This is a solid spot for Auburn who is trying to find their way under Bryan Harsin. The War Eagle chant and electric fanbase always bring it! So, whether they are on top or finding their way back to the top, this fanbase deserves their respect!

5. Tennessee

Up on Rocky Top at #5 where Tennessee may have found a little something in Josh Heupel. This fanbase always shows up in droves to pack Neyland stadium to the hilt! The fanbase comes adorned in their orange and white ready to sing Rocky Top for 3+ hours straight!

4. Arkansas

How is Arkansas up here you may be asking yourself? Well, it’s really quite simple. Win or lose, the Razorback fanbase is gonna show up and call those hogs! Perhaps the most loyal, some may say blindly loyal, but still loyal nonetheless and there’s something really special about that!

3. LSU

IT IS SATURDAY NIGHT IN DEATH VALLEY!!! Tiger Stadium, where the ghosts favor the home team and chance of rain, never! LSU is special, but LSU at night is a different animal all together! One of the most crazy and loud fanbases in ALL of sports!

2. Georgia

Georgia fans are just different! During the week they walk the beautiful streets of Athens enjoying the quaint surroundings. Come gametime, they put on their spiked shoulder pads, paint their faces, thrash their pom-poms and scream their heads off for the entirety of the game!

1. Texas A&M

Aggie land is a unique almost throwback to a time that has long past this country by. There’s a raucous howdy awaiting you whether you be an Aggie fan or opposing fan. The hospitality is second to none and they welcome you in like they’ve known you for years! The Aggies even have a tradition called the Aggie Yell where they practice cheering inside Kyle Field the night before the game!

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