Rob Ninkovich, from ESPN’s Get Up, talked about what would happen if Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson swapped teams. Damien Woody chimed in right after that to talk about how he can already see one of them dawning that gold jacket in the Hall of Fame.

We will also share a video with you where Mahomes answers a question. The question is, would one more Super Bowl win put you above Aaron Rodgers for all-time? Also, Chris Jones was the virtual Grand Marshall for a NASCAR Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway. Lastly, we will share a couple excerpts from a recent interview with Patrick Mahomes. He talks about continuing to improve and Andy Reid sticking around.

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Rob Ninkovich on Mahomes/Lamar swap & Damien Woody says one of them is headed for the HOF

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Patrick Mahomes answers this question, would one more Super Bowl win put you above Aaron Rodgers for all-time?

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Chris Jones as the Grand Marshall for the Super Start Batteries 400 NASCAR Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway

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Patrick Mahomes on continuing to improve

“There’s still so much I can improve,” Mahomes told “The mental part of the game, you learn more and more every single year you’re in the NFL, especially at the quarterback position. You learn from reps, you learn from seeing different stuff, and we understand defenses are going to keep throwing different stuff at us and combat the stuff we do so well. I’m going to keep trying to learn as much as possible. I’m going to keep trying to drill in the fundamentals. I really have only been playing quarterback for six or seven years. It’s not like I’ve been playing for a very long time at the position, so I’m going to do whatever I can to try and get better and better at the fundamentals. When stuff breaks down, I can go back to where I kind of learned how to freestyle play and to let that succeed. I’m excited for this challenge of trying to make myself better and trying to be the best football player I can be.”

Patrick Mahomes on Andy Reid sticking around through his contract

“He told me he’s not trying to leave anytime soon! He’s all in. He loves this game. He loves everything about it. The family atmosphere that he has with everybody is special. You see the amount of plays he draws up on a daily basis and he’s showing me — you know his fire is still burning bright and he’s not trying to dim out any time soon.” 

To read the full interview by with Patrick Mahomes CLICK HERE

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