Patrick Mahomes has certainly enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame since landing in the NFL in 2017. Since he took over as starter in 2018 he’s won an NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, four straight AFC West titles and appeared in four straight AFC Championship games. One local broadcaster believes that Patrick, while extremely talented, may not be as serious as some QB’s in the NFL.

Kevin Kietzman, former host of “Between the Lines” on Sports Radio 810 recently discussed Mahomes on his podcast “Kevin Kietzman Has Issues.” The tone of the conversation was Patrick Mahomes’ maturity as well as the legacy of the current Chiefs era of football.

“He (Mahomes) has become a player and the Chiefs are becoming a team that people outside of Kansas City don’t like.” Kietzman said during the podcast segment which also featured Kietzman’s former “BTL” co-host Danny Clinkscale. “They’ve had four straight title games at home and one Super Bowl to show for it. I think he’s a great talent and a great player. I don’t think he’s serious enough. I don’ think he takes his craft that seriously. I think he’s a cocky, trash-talking dude that gets by on talent.”

Listen to the full Patrick Mahomes segment on KKHI (patron podcast)

Kietzman went on to take shots at Mahomes for being drunk while playing golf during “The Match” earlier in June and has a tremendous back and forth with Clinkscale about Mahomes’ dedication to the game of football.

Many will remember that Kietzman agreed mutually to part ways with Sports Radio 810 back in 2019 following comments he made about Andy Reid’s son Britt Reid. His podcast, which began in 2020, now has nearly 20,000 daily listeners.

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