Following the Steelers’ improbable inclusion in the 2022 AFC playoffs, “Magic Mike” and die-hard Steelers fan Joe Manganiello was a guest on the Rich Eisen Show to talk about the upcoming game against the Chiefs.

Manganiello’s wife, actress Sofia Vergara happens to star in the hit TV comedy “Modern Family” which also features comedian and Chiefs fan Eric Stonestreet.

Manganiello was bullish on the Steelers beating the Chiefs on Sunday and made sure to troll Stonestreet in the process.

“I don’t talk football with him.” Manganiello stated. “It’s like nouveau riche vs. old money. We wear it a little differently vs someone that comes out of nowhere and starts winning. No one’s going to pick us and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Stonestreet Fires Back

Advantage: Stonestreet with the well-thought out and comedic comeback! We will see if the Chiefs beat the Steelers as badly on Sunday as Stonestreet trolled Joe in this response.

Joe Manganiello Talks Chiefs/Steelers

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