Buffalo Bills fans, welcome to the Great American Sports Network or as we are better known, GASN Sports. We’ve been building this brand in Kansas City, Missouri for the last 8 years and want to create exactly what it states in our name, a network. That’s why we are looking for self motivated go-getters who are interested in sports media covering their favorite team, the Buffalo Bills.

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We have been credentialed for the following sports and events:

  • NFL – Kansas City Chiefs training camp & pre-draft presser
  • NCAA – SEC Football Media Days & numerous SEC Football games
  • Boxing – Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman fight in Las Vegas
  • NASCAR – Digital Ally 400
  • Pro Wrestling – AEW weekday event

Opportunities available to you and areas we are looking to grow:

  • Podcasts (preferably with a co-host): Here’s our Elite Sports Podcast as well as our extensive guest catalog CLICK HERE.
  • Articles: breaking news blurbs, rankings lists, your own creative and unique ideas, game previews/reviews, x’s and o’s breakdowns, remembering the history, interviews, etc.
  • Video shows: Topical on the team, around the league, interviews, game previews/reviews, and your own creative and unique ideas. Here is one of ours from the past: Not For Long Pro Football Show
  • Fan-made videos: Compiling clips and creating your own unique video or narrative.
  • Films and Documentaries: view our film work below

We will help you get started and up to speed so don’t let any of this overwhelm you! Also, we have the infrastructure in place to provide you a solid foundation in which to grow from. If you’re ready to make sports media a serious pursuit of yours, please reach out to us at info@starcademedia.com We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!

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