Last Thursday, the NFL officially released the 2022 schedule for all 32 teams. While the opponents were already set in stone, we now know the dates and times of all 17 Chiefs games.

5 potentially season defining games on the 2022 Chiefs schedule

  • September 15th (vs. L.A. Chargers). This week 2 showdown could be massive for the trajectory of the AFC West race. L.A. came to Arrowhead and won a season ago and many believe 2022 is the Chargers time to shine. Both teams will be coming off short weeks and will be hungry to get that first division win.
  • October 16th (vs. Buffalo Bills). Given schedule and division difficulty, it’s not a stretch to say the Bills have the inside track for the 1-seed in the AFC. These two teams played an absolute barnburner at Arrowhead in the playoffs last season and if the Chiefs have any shot at a first round bye and home field advantage, they are probably going to need this one.
  • November 6th (vs. Tennessee Titans). Tennessee has been a proverbial thorn in the Chiefs’ side in the regular season throughout Andy Reid’s tenure. While the Titans could be taking a step back, this is a game on the schedule the Chiefs will likely need to keep pace in the AFC.
  • December 4th (@Bengals). Sense a pattern here? These games against the top teams in the AFC are all exponentially important. We’ve seen KC blow two double-digit leads against Burrow and the Bengals in 2021 so there is a chance at redemption here. It’s also late in the season when division races will be tightening up down the stretch.
  • December 11th (@Broncos). Denver has not beaten Kansas City since September of 2015 but many of the games have been close. The Chiefs play the Broncos twice in December and by this point in the season we should know what Denver is capable of with Russell Wilson at the helm.

NFC games don’t matter as much, but they DO matter

While keeping pace in the AFC is all-important, the Chiefs will be taking on the NFC West this season which includes a November 27th matchup with the defending champion Rams. In addition, the Chiefs will head to Tampa week 4 as Mahomes takes on Tom Brady for the sixth time. Last season, we saw KC get back on track with wins against the Packers and Cowboys (two wins that saved the season). So, obviously, no one is discounting these all important contests in 2022.

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