Sports on Independence Day

You can look at any day on the calendar and find a significant sporting event that occurred on that date. Someone was born, someone died or someone bowled a 300 between their legs.


However, the fourth of July represents quite possibly the biggest upset of time. The little no-name country most people had never even seen, the 16-seed that would not go away, the diaper dandy declared its’ independence of the perennial powerhouse and heavy Vegas favorite, England. For you World Cup fans, no this isn’t a tale of late game heroics of Tim Howard knocking away a Wayne Rooney breakaway shot from 20 yards. This was a sports comparison to the Revolutionary War. The greatest upset in US history.







Here are a few top sports moments of July 4th
• George Steinbrenner was born (1930)
• Lou Gehrig gives his farewell speech at Yankee Stadium (1939)
• Mickey Mantle hits his 300th homer (1960)
• Nolan Ryan becomes the 4th player in MLB history with 3,000 strikeouts (1980)
• The bad-boy of tennis, Jonny McEnroe, wins his first of three straight Wimbledon titles (1981)
• The King of NASCAR Richard Petty wins his 200th race at Daytona (1984)
• Hank Stram passes away (2005)
• Steve “Air” McNair passed away (2009)

My top 4 for the 4th:
1. Lou Gehrig’s Luckiest Man speech
2. Nolan Ryan K’s 3K
3. Richard Petty claims his throne
4. Stram passes



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